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Open Cases

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" Unknown "
Case number: C-3
Type: Cooperative
Found: Loose in WI, 7/00, located owner, dog returned home within 3 hours
Statistics: appr. 13 years, female, feathered
Status: returned home
Region/Coordinator: Central/Jaqi TerHAAR


" Rex "
Case number: C-4
Type: Rescue
Found: Texas shelter, 7/2/00, R.C. Janet Noll
Statistics: M/n, smooth, fawn
Status: PLACED 9/15/00, by R.C. Linda Davis
Region/Coordinator: West/Linda Davis, , Mountain/Janet Noll,
Special: aka Borph, placement name Harper

" Unknown "
Case number: W-6
Type: Cooperative
Found: NM shelter, 7/10/00 by Greyhound rescue, may be a mix.
Statistics: 18-24 mos., smooth, F
Status: Placed, 7/00 by Greyhound rescue
Region/Coordinator: West/Linda Davis,

" Kinder "
Case number: W-11
Type: Rescue
Found: 10/17/00, CA shelter
Statistics: M/n (by STOLA), chipped (by STOLA), 4 yr, tri-color, feathered
Status: Placed, 10/22/00
Region/Coordinator: West/Linda Davis,


" Salea "
Case number: W-12
Type: Rescue/Assist
Found: re-homing for owner who adopted as rescue and can no longer keep. Initial location, Arizona.
Statistics: 18-24 mos., F/s, white, feathered
Status: 11/20/00 Placed
Region/Coordinator: West/Linda Davis,
Special: Update, Salea and her new family are extremely happy together. CHIP#4043551D16