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Closed Purebred Cases 2010 :

Please Read the Following Carefully:
While we always take into consideration an adopter's preferences, placements are made with the welfare of the dog as the primary consideration so that each Saluki is placed in the most appropriate home for his particular needs. This may include a preference for considering homes that are geographically closer to the dog, to avoid undue travel stress. Each dog's individual needs, and matching it to the best possible home to meet those needs, will always be STOLA's priority. <<more important information...>>






Slink's Story:

On veterinary examination, it was discovered that Slink has heart issues which, though she can still live a quality life, removed her from the category of adoptable Salukis.

Sadly, Slink passed in January '10, having been loved and cared for tenderly by her wonderful foster family during the last months of her life.




case# 313 M.

In: November, 2009

Stats: He is a red male, about 2 years old.

Merlino is a precious boy, full of life, personality and lots of love!  Merlino was bought over from Doha, Qatar.  His ears have been cut and his front left leg has been broken and was only splinted, so it has a slight turn to it.  Neither his ears or his leg stops him from running, jumping and playing hard with his other Saluki friends!

Merlino loves human and canine companionship.  You will always find him curled up with another dog or one of his foster family.  Merlino loves to sleep with you at night and can curl up in a very small space….his is a great cuddlier!  Sometimes he thinks he’s either part cat or mountain goat and is a counter surfer as well. 

Merlino walks well on a leash.  He always has his tail held high (with a curl) and is a prancer everywhere he goes!  He loves everyone he meets and they love him!  He is quite the leaner as well.  This is one fantastic dog!

Merlino does well with all size dogs, but has not been cat tested….we do know however he loves squirrels!


Status: Adopted March '10

Contact: C. Rodgers at witterodgers@yahoo.com.

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updated 2/2010

Name: Danni
Case #: 287 E
In: March 2009
Statistics: Approx. 2.5 year old smooth male (neutered). 
Danni is a sweet, gentle & sensitive boy  
Danni is getting more and more socialized with the help of his foster mom  Danni shows his affection by giving nose kisses to his foster mom.
Danni is so eager to please, his New Year's wish is to find his forever family.
Danni likes to spend time with other dogs his size.  We are not sure if Danni is cat, or small animal safe.

Danni is being fostered in the Eastern Region 

Status: Adopted March '10

For more information, or to request an application for adoption please contact Lori Doering @ ayarcl@sbcglobal.net

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New pix added, January 2010
Name: Angel
Case #: 316 M (CP)
In: Dec. 2009
Statistics;  Approx. 3 year old  feathered female  
Angel is a character, she is very smart and she enjoys being challenged.   
Angel is a gentle soul, she will do best with at least one other dog close to her size to keep her company. 
Angels foster mom has a cat and a couple of smaller dogs, Angel seems to do fine with them too.       
Angel is currently being fostered in Indianapolis
Status: Adopted April 2010
For more information, or to request an application for adoption please contact Lori Doering @ ayarcl@sbcglobal.net

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Suki 320-M  
Female Red & White Parti Saluki, just under 2 years old, she takes a while to warm up, but is basically a happy, sweet, and very active young female.

Unsure how she is with cats and small dogs.

Will be available mid-late April as she needs to gain a little weight before she is spayed.

Status: Adopted May '10

contact Janet  taossalukis@gmail.com  for more information on Suki.

PDF slideshow, click image to view


Case#: 309-M

In: October, 2009

Status: Adopted May '10

Statistics: Trip is a sable red, neutered male believed to be under 18 months... very sweet natured, gets along with other dogs in small groups, and has a calm demeanor. His left front leg was broken and healed incorrectly, but he exhibits no problems with it and runs freely with other dogs. Trip needs a home with only one or two other dogs.

For interest contact Janet at taossalukis@gmail.com

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Name: Luca
Case #: 321 M
Statistics: Sable Red male Saluki, approximately 2 years old, very sweet temperament, but is most likely not safe with very small dogs or cats, gets along well with other dogs his size and is very affectionate.
Status: Adopted 8/10
For more information, or to request an application for adoption please contact Janet Noll taossalukis@gmail.com

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Name: Paladin
Case #: 294 E
In: July 2009
Statistics: Approx.3.year old feathered male (neutered) 
Paladin, who also goes by "Pal" or "Pally," is a super cute boy.  He loves to run and rough-house with his Saluki girlfriend at his foster home, but his real love is people.
He wants to be loved by everyone he meets, he often comes up to his foster Mom and lays his head in her lap for attention. He's smart, curious about everything, and a quick learner, though like any good Saluki, he also has a mind of his own.
Paladin has gotten really good about playing with the other dogs close to his size, both male and female.  He is reliably house broken - when his foster gets home, he heads straight out to do his business (after getting his hugs).
 Paladin is being fostered in the Central Region
Status: Adopted Sept '10
For more information, or to request an application for adoption, please contact Lori Doering @ ayarcl@sbcglobal.net 

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case# 323 M

Statistics: Sable Red feathered male Saluki, approximately 7 years old.
He is very sweet, very quiet, very adaptable, and very willing to please.
He appears to like other dogs close to his size. Unsure how he would
be around cats and small dogs.
Status: Adopted Sept '10

For more information, or to request an application for adoption please contact Janet Noll taossalukis@gmail.com

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Contact: info@stola.org or