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The Actual Events of the 2004 New Mexico Rescue of 15 Srinagar Salukis

Around the first of March, 2004 STOLA was contacted by Judge Richard Choate, a municipal judge in Hurley, NM. He asked if STOLA would take responsibility for a number of Salukis soon to be confiscated from a resident of Hurley. Hurley has a city ordinance that will allow a household to own only 4 dogs and speculation was that this owner could possibly have 6 Salukis and several Italian Greyhounds. Judge Choate thought perhaps 6 Salukis would need to be rehomed because of the elderly owner’s ill health. He further explained that Hurley had no place to house them. STOLA agreed to take any and all Salukis should they need our services.

The judge persuaded the owner of the Salukis to sign them over to STOLA and the resident agreed to be visited by a STOLA representative to assess the situation of the Salukis. After meeting with the resident, it was determined there were 15 Salukis, 9 of which were 3-week old puppies, 2 dams, 1 sire, and 3 additional intact females (one of which was due to whelp another litter in about a month).

Judge Choate required the owner to sign legal ownership of ALL 15 Salukis to STOLA or the Salukis would be seized and given directly to STOLA by Court Order. The owner signed the Transfer of Ownership papers for all 15 Salukis to STOLA. It was also learned at that meeting that the dams and sire were Srinagar Salukis.

STOLA’s charter requires that we implement a breeder search to try to determine if the breeder of the original dogs would be willing to take them back. This was a bit of a different situation since all of the
dogs were legally signed over to STOLA by Order of the Court of Hurley, NM and legally STOLA had to remain directly involved. Afton Blake was contacted and informed of the situation. STOLA informed her of the entire legal disposition of all of the dogs and that if she chose to take the dogs ALL would have to spayed/neutered by August 24, 2004 (to allow the pups to reach 6 months of age prior to neutering) Further, Afton would have to inform STOLA of all of the pet homes where the dogs would be placed so STOLA could mentor and maintain involvement with the homes. You will see the legal agreement below on website, signed by Afton Blake and witnessed by an uninterested party. (Click the link below to view the signed agreement in your prefered format.) 

In spite of repeated attempts to contact Afton Blake and persistent encouragement to have Afton comply with the agreement she signed, STOLA has never been notified by Afton as to the disposition of the pet homes, nor provided any proof of spay or neutering of any of the dogs that she took. STOLA has referred this matter to our legal representative.

STOLA Support Council
July, 2005


Update: October 2005, this issue has been resolved.





Signed Contract in PDF Format
Note, this file requires that Adobe Acrobat Reader be installed. Due to having to scan the contract as graphic files and convert them, the file is quite large.


Signed Contract as .Jpeg graphic files

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Page Two




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